Hi, I’m Sam!

I’m a life-long lover of fantasy books, and a more recent convert to science fiction. I also love recommending books to people who enjoy the same stuff that I do, hence┬áthe creation of this website!

Important note #1: ultimately this site is about book recommendations, not criticism. It’s not my goal to pretend to offer objective comparisons of books, or to bad mouth other peoples’ work. So even when a book receives the somewhat tongue-in-cheek score of 5 (“Mandatory Reading”), please think of it as “mandatory reading for someone with Sam’s taste.”

Important note #2: the goal of the site is to create a significant archive of ratings, and the easiest way to do that is to start with books I’ve already read. To that end, ratings updates will not necessarily correspond to newly published books. I’ll try to be responsive to ratings requests that come via the “contact us” page.

Important note #3: for me, plot trumps prose every time, so my ratings will reflect that view. (I don’t argue that’s a universally true principle, but that’s my bias.) A┬ánovel with so-so writing, but with a dynamo plot will tend to do well, while the reverse will tend to suffer in my rankings.


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